Stealth is more than a bike

It’s a way of life. A fearless, boundless way of life.

Low Maintenance, High Adventure

Enjoy a low maintenance adventure machine that requires no oil changes, no gas, and has no fumes.¬†You can store your Stealth Bikes anywhere, even inside, so you’re always ready to plug and play.

More Features
P-7 Stealth Bike White
P-7 Stealth Bike Grey
P-7 Stealth Bike Black
P-7 Stealth Bike in Red

4 Models, Every Purpose

Between the high-geared B-52, the long-range F-37, the beefy H-52, and the ultra commuter P-7 Stealth has a bike for every trail, every purpose, and every rider. But we are pretty sure you will want to ride every single one of them.

Demo a Stealth